Women Representation in «L’orange Amére» and «Ex-Chamkar» Films

      ‘Lbortokala Lmorra’ or the ‘The bitter orange’ is a Moroccan movie directed by Bouchra Ijorak. The story revolves around Saidia, an ordinary young illiterate  woman who finds herself unconditionally in love with Amin. The latter remains unaware of […]

‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness

    ‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness     It is important to underline the fact that cinema as an ideological apparatus largely plays a great role in imparting a certain number of artistic, aesthetic, ideological, and cultural codes to […]

Commentary on Allaoui’s IZORANE

  I would first like to congratulate you on the new International Cinematic Magazine, conceived and designed by students! I would also like to thank you for inviting me to contribute my thoughts on your First Edition, dedicated to the […]

I am a woMAN

       It is a great feeling when you are one among few privileged persons to watch one of the first projections of a movie in a whole country. That’s my story with ANDROMAN, a Moroccan movie directed by […]

Cinematic Texts: Entertainment or Containment ?

I can never romanticize language again never deny its power for disguise for mystification but the same could be said for music or any form created painted ceilings beaten gold worm-worn Pietàs reorganizing victimization frescoes translating violence into patterns so […]