Moroccan Cinema

The History of Moroccan Cinema: An Introduction

  Moroccan cinema encompasses both films, television and film productions produced in Morocco. In contrast to other cinemas of Europe and the Maghreb, the Moroccan state has long left the cinema trying by itself to find the necessary means to […]

Women Representation in «L’orange Amére» and «Ex-Chamkar» Films

      ‘Lbortokala Lmorra’ or the ‘The bitter orange’ is a Moroccan movie directed by Bouchra Ijorak. The story revolves around Saidia, an ordinary young illiterate  woman who finds herself unconditionally in love with Amin. The latter remains unaware of […]

‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness

    ‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness     It is important to underline the fact that cinema as an ideological apparatus largely plays a great role in imparting a certain number of artistic, aesthetic, ideological, and cultural codes to […]

Commentary on Allaoui’s IZORANE

  I would first like to congratulate you on the new International Cinematic Magazine, conceived and designed by students! I would also like to thank you for inviting me to contribute my thoughts on your First Edition, dedicated to the […]

I am a woMAN

       It is a great feeling when you are one among few privileged persons to watch one of the first projections of a movie in a whole country. That’s my story with ANDROMAN, a Moroccan movie directed by […]