About Us

   ICEM is run by a host of Moroccan student researchers being interested in Cinematographic and Film Studies, International Cinematic E-Magazine (ICEM) is a quarterly E-Magazine; open to all the World Cinemas and different Schools of thought. Each Newsletter will be dedicated to a particular cinema.


   The ultimate goal has been to create a virtual space where ink can be spilt from different walks of thought and analyses in approaching the World Cinemas. Being ambitious enough, Seminars, Study Days and other academic meetings and activities will be held with the aim of bringing together critics, film-makers, researchers, actors, actresses among many others to ponder over issues related to Cinema and Film-industry .Different national and international Festivals shall be covered. New films will be reviewed as well.


International Cinematic E-Magazine.


International Cinematic E-Magazine.


International Cinematic E-Magazine.