International Cinema Day 2012

  On 28 December 2012, the history of motion pictures celebrated twenty-seven years from the first ever commercial film screening. In 1985, French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiére gathered a cinema audience for the first time and charged an admission […]

The Process of Film Production

  Film Production is the process of creating and distributing a film, and it involves three main stages; pre-production, production and post-production, all of which are equally important to the successful creation of a film.   Pre-production involves the initial […]


April 25th/May 3rd 2014 – Udine – Teatro Nuovo & Visionario    FEFF 16: THE AUDIENCE PRIZES JAPAN   The Eternal Zero by Yamazaki Takashi wins the 2014 Golden Mulberry. Podium results for The Attorney and Philippine Barber’s Tale. The sixteenth edition wraps up […]

A Wonderful Journey in Motion

        A Wonderful Journey in Motion One of the most vivid parts domineering in the 21st century is the motion picture film – nowadays produced with a combination of technologically evolved machinery, capable of creating complicated effects and […]

” Bad deeds are humans’ productions, not movies̶...

   ICEM:  Thank you Mr. Benaziz for having accepted our invitation, and for your sincere encouragement for the Moroccan youth to work in the field of cinema. We actually know your big interest in Moroccan cinema, let’s start with this […]

Dong-hyuk’s ‘Silenced’ (2011): Mute Resistance...

 Dong-hyuk’s ‘Silenced’ (2011): Mute Resistance in The Age of New Media Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s Silenced is based on Kong Ji-Young’s novel  ‘Dokani’ (2009), which was  inspired by a true story. Silenced is telling us about a young appointed teacher from Seoul, Kang In-ho, taking his […]

The Academy Awards (The Oscars)

Natasha Harmer

     We’ve all heard of the Oscars, and a lot of us tune in once a year to root for our favourite films, but how did it all start?   Well, The Oscars is an informal name for The […]

Women Representation in «L’orange Amére» and «Ex-Chamk...

      ‘Lbortokala Lmorra’ or the ‘The bitter orange’ is a Moroccan movie directed by Bouchra Ijorak. The story revolves around Saidia, an ordinary young illiterate  woman who finds herself unconditionally in love with Amin. The latter remains unaware of […]

‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness

    ‘les Mains Rudes’: Discourses of Moroccan-ness     It is important to underline the fact that cinema as an ideological apparatus largely plays a great role in imparting a certain number of artistic, aesthetic, ideological, and cultural codes to […]

Commentary on Allaoui’s IZORANE

  I would first like to congratulate you on the new International Cinematic Magazine, conceived and designed by students! I would also like to thank you for inviting me to contribute my thoughts on your First Edition, dedicated to the […]