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   Run by a host of Moroccan and international student researchers being interested in Cinematographic and Film Studies, International Cinematic E-Magazine (ICEM) is a quarterly E-Magazine; open to all the World Cinemas and different Schools of thought. Each Newsletter will be dedicated to a particular cinema.


    Hicham MOUSSA, ICEM editor-in-chief, is graduated from Mohammad First University in Morocco in “Humanities and Area Studies: Colonial and Postcolonial Discourse”. PhD Student and researcher in the field of media and cinema. As a film lover and a fan of anything simple and exciting, I consider this project ‘ICEM’ just fantastic.

     Contact: hicmoussa@gmail.com


Mohammed BELBACHA. ICEM co-editor. Holder of Translation Diploma King Fahd School of  Translation, Tangiers. Doctoral Candidate and holder of Master Degree on Colonial and Postcolonial Discourse Mohammed First University, Oujda. Freelance Translator
Contact:  med-belbacha@hotmail.fr


Mohammed ZERIOUH

      Mohammed ZERIOUH is ICEM co-editor. Mohammed  is a third-year Doctoral researcher in the doctoral unit of “Languages, Cultures and Communication” at the faculty of letters, Mohammed 1 University, Oujda, Morocco. He is currently working on ‘’The Representation and Reception of Culture in Moroccan Migrant Literature’’. He held his Master diploma in 2010 about Colonial and Postcolonial Discourse at the same faculty. He completed his Major in Literature and DEUG in English studies in the same faculty too. Mr. ZERIOUH is also a member of the Cultural and Literary Studies Unit in the Center of Human and Social Studies and Researches in Oujda (SERHSO). He delivered a number of talks in many seminars and study days tackling various topics in human sciences, cultural studies, mass media and literature and he wrote many articles and poems to be published soon.

Contact: zeriouhmohammed@yahoo.com




Antoniya PETKOVA
Assistant editor

   Antoniya Petkova – ICEM Assistant Editor and Contributor: Antoniya Petkova is a holder of an Honours Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Media from the University of Coventry, England, after having previously studied Communication Studies and Italian Language and Culture in Bulgaria and Italy. Throughout the duration of her BA degree, Antoniya discovered her interest and passion for film criticism and became a central member of the Coventry University East Asian Film Society (CUEAFS), where she developed a profound affinity for South Korean cinema and culture, and gained sufficient experience in film reviewing and covering East Asian film festivals across Europe. She pursued her interest in the field by becoming the society’s managing editor for an internal online magazine called ‘Asia Exposure’, as well as main writer for an external film blog Cine-Vue, and she was a regular contributor of film reviews, interviews and opinion materials on East Asian culture and cinema. Antoniya is currently ICEM’s Assistant Editor and Contributor, which gives her the opportunity to continue expressing her passion for film and for writing. Her current research interests include South Korean cinema, culture and language, as well as studies, work experience and relocating to South Korea. What she thinks about ICEM: “I think ICEM is an incredibly motivational project and I am enthusiastic to be a part of a team who work towards creating their own opportunities for a successful professional career in the fields of writing and film.”


Bibi Gaston
author and landscape architect

    Bibi Gaston, Author, Landscape Architect, Contributor to ICEM. Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in International Relations and Italian; Masters in Landscape Architecture from The University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The Office of Bibi Gaston, Landscape Architect, was founded in 1992 to provide landscape architecture, site planning and design services for public and private clients throughout the United States. Bibi Gaston developed her interest in stage and film while conducting primary research for her first book, a memoir/ biography focusing on the life of her grandmother, Rosamond Pinchot entitled “The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries and Her Granddaughter’s Search for Home.” First published by William Morrow/ Harper Collins in hardback and by Harper Perennial in paperback, “The Loveliest Woman in America” was critically acclaimed by a wide variety of newspapers and on-line journals including The Chicago Sun Times, the Washington Post and the New York Social Diary. It was also a finalist for the prestigious Oregon Book Award. Bibi Gaston is currently an author and landscape architect. Bibi Gaston was born in Tangier, Morocco three years after Independence. She is currently writing a second book about her parents’ journey through Morocco’s Colonial era “Spanish Zone” in 1955. Bibi Gaston believes ICEM has the potential to build bridges and create a productive dialogue between east and west.


Translator and Reviewer


   Ibrahim kallouche , ICEM reviewer and translator . Ibrahim is a B.A holder in English studies major in Literature from the university of Mohamed the first Oujda , Morocco . He is also a holder of a diploma in German language known as ” Daf ” . besides , ibrahim is an active member of Al-chaae association that aims to promote opportunities for men and women to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of security , freedom , and human dignity . the love of movies has grown so fast as to be a kind of maybe addiction maybe obsession for him . he has been affected by movies since childhood as they have been a source of both ; knowledge and inspiration . He believes that this project ICEM is outstanding for the fact that this will be a great source of information for the readers of different backgrounds concerning cinema of the world “

Contact : ibrahimka43@gmail.com