Dear, ICEM will cover FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL 20. It will take place on April 20, 2018.   ICEM will be offered 3-6 places in UDINE. We are looking to make a team of Reviewers and reporters to cover the event. We […]

What is the difference between sex and gender?

  When examining the issues of sex and gender, a whole host of questions are raised. Simply defining these two terms can be incredibly difficult, let alone analysing the differences between them. Sex and gender have a massive impact on […]

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is an annual film festival held in France, which screens films of all genres from around the world. The festival is invitation only and is considered to be the most prestigious and publicized film festival in the world.   […]

‘Perfect Number’ (2012) Dir. Bang Eun-jin

    It is indeed one rare, extraordinary feeling to accidentally stumble across an outstanding cinematic experience, an absolutely astonishing piece of cinema such as ‘Perfect Number’. Bang Eun-jin’s flawlessly balanced blend of superb performances and honest reality conceals unpredictable […]

The History of Moroccan Cinema: An Introduction

  Moroccan cinema encompasses both films, television and film productions produced in Morocco. In contrast to other cinemas of Europe and the Maghreb, the Moroccan state has long left the cinema trying by itself to find the necessary means to […]

A Brief History of Spanish Horror Cinema

         I’ve been a fan of the horror genre for years, since I first snuck the 2008 remake of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ out of my house and over to a friends’, innocently disguised in a kids […]

Dr. Azlarab Alaoui ”I always find it difficult to talk...

      ICEM: International Cinematic Board welcomes you Mr. Alaoui and appreciates very much accepting our invitation to have such an interview with us. This interview is devoted, particulary, to your short film Izorane and woud also love to have […]

Turkish Drama on Arab Television: Reasons for the Continuing...

  The two Turkish series that heralded the success of Turkish drama on Arab television are Ihlamurlar Altinda (Under the Linden Trees) [Kanal D, 2005] and Gumus (Silver) [Kanal D, 2005], being translated to Arabic as Sanawat Aldayaa (The Lost […]

‘The Front Line’ as a Symbolic Text

   Like any literary text, “The Front Line”1 offers a symbolic narrative canvas fraught with cultural and political histories and contradictions. This movie stops at one of the critical moments in the course of South-North Korean military conflict; a final […]

A Review of “Intouchables”- Post Racial Pablum or Psycho...

 A Review of “Intouchables”- Post Racial Pablum or Psychobabble. You Decide.   What could be more entertaining than spending an hour or two immersed in the light and lively tale of an unlikely “Odd Couple?” “Intouchables” is the story of […]